Essay On Bad Side Of Social Media

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There’s always a good side of something and a bad side. We often tend to overlook the bad and always look to the good part of things. Which for the most part is true, but overlooking the bad is something that we need to stop. Social Media has a good side, in easier communication and connecting with friends. We always see social media as a good influence if modern society, but there is a bad side we tend to forget. Social media, not only affects modern society in a good way, but also a bad way, because of cyberbullying, predators, and false body image. While the bullying happens in many forms, the one the most kids are effect by is cyberbullying. While behind a screen or a person's back is when it is easiest to make fun of them, they don't realize that it hurts the others. When one person says something mean…show more content…
The internet nowadays is far beyond what it had imagined it to be. On the internet, you can go shopping, order food and even make money! Thought, on social media that’s where all the ads are for apps where you can converse with others. Another thought talking to others is completely normal, but what if it is someone you don't know who they are and meet up with them. This is many parents fear that there child talking to someone who could honestly be anyone and meeting up with them. Many children have don't this are kidnapped and sold off to someplace far away. Many children feel as if is safe to be outdoors alone, which is safe if someone is watching, but if not almost anything could happen. Predators are apart online, but what they want is way more than that and they will attack small and naive children. As a child you don't know any better, you make a new friend and don't hear anything wrong you don't suspect anything wrong. Even though making new friends is nice, you have to be careful of who you talk to on social media because something bad could happen to
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