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Chef Level Cooking with Baking Soda:
This article portrays the usefulness of baking soda in different aspects of food preparation. In here the role of baking soda in food odor removal will be tackled and explained. Its effect on meat tenderization will also be explored. Lastly, we will see how baking soda plays the important role in some recipes like omelet.
The normal thought of including baking soda in most food preparation is due to its chemical component that has a good reaction with some ingredients in most recipes. At cases, baking soda is preferred over baking powder. This is when most of the ingredients are acidic. In the next sections below we will see how baking soda is used.
Do-odor Food:
Absorbing foul odor is one of the characteristics
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We also have taken into the picture how baking soda contributes on meat tenderization. This time we will see baking soda in action to one of the most popular meal during breakfast. This is the omelet.
How can we really make a tasty fluffy omelet with baking soda? The answers may vary depending on the procedure to be done during the cooking process. Normally we can see different ingredients like cheese for omelet but egg and meat could be one its main components. So the baking soda of some amount can be mixed with eggs and a fluffier omelet will be produced out of this. Some cooks take extra precaution since the baking soda may cause the egg to get brown. The baking soda will cause the egg to rise and expand more than usual.
So the main key here is the addition of baking soda to egg at a right proportion. Then the next part is the cooking temperature and the length of cooking time. This is all that matters. Whatever variation of omelet you would do. Always remember that baking soda could be a very good item to use along with all the ingredients. Now that you have known this, you can always prepare a tastier fluffier omelet than

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