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Ballet music

Modern art of ballet includes several important components, which in general should create a unique mode of action. Can you guess what is important in the ballet? Of course, professional dance and pantomime by which many emotions and feelings are expressed. But ballet music takes not the last place! Musical accompaniment adds a certain drama and you can manage the story of ballet performances.
Music is like a breath for any art, neither ballet nor opera can exist without it because only together they can create the single entity.

However, not all kinds of music in the ballet occupied a significant place. When ballet was still part of the opera performances, the main role was played by music and singing performers, but a skilled
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For the right to dance the lead roles in the ballet famous primas fight, and then, after the premiere in 1877, people went to the theatre to listen to the "Swan Lake" rather than to watch it. The music firmly predominated over choreography. "If we talk about the music evaluating it in the " Swan Lake ", I think it is the best ballet of P. Tchaikovsky that I have ever listened to " - the critic wrote.

He became the real reformer of ballet, who combined music, dance and mime emotions in ballet. Music gives unity and continuity throughout the ballet. Traditionally there is the music that accompanies the dance, and the music that characterizes the pantomime. Music for dancing aims to create a certain rhythm, thereby, facilitates the movement of the actor. Music for the pantomime is more democratic, but it becomes the basis for dramatic hero. Depending on the ballet productions and folklore motifs can also be used in the music.

If you’d like to visit a New Year 's fairy kingdom with its wonders and surprises just listen to the " Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy ". Delicate, "crystal " sounds give the music its special charm. You can see twinkling Christmas-tree toys and slow whirling snowflakes . How much room for creative imagination of the artist this kind of music
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