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This project deals with the procedure followed in ballistics section of forensic science lab where cases duly reported in which firearms are involved. Some of these cases will be studied in detail also their lab examination. Before entering into the topic it is important to picture a brief idea about what is ballistics and what is a firearm. Ballistics is a science specifically mechanics that deals with the launching, motion and behavior of a projectile both in air and on the target as well as effect due to the launched projectile on the target. On this basis ballistics is divided into three major parts
1. External ballistics
2. Internal ballistics
3. Terminal ballistics, respectively.
This projectile includes especially bullets, missiles, drop down rockets, etc. The device that is used to fire or launch these projectiles, it is a firearm. A firearm is a device to hurl a projectile or projectiles. The force is supplied by the creation and expansion of gases usually from the burning of powder charge. In air rifles and pistols the projectiles are hurled by the expansion of compressed air.
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The frequent and reckless use of firearms by extremists’ elements in some areas of the world has assumed an almost new dimension. A firearm expert has, therefore, to play an increasingly important role in criminal investigation. To meet the challenge posed by trigger happy anti-social elements, the science of “FORENSIC BALLISTICS” covers the science of identification of firearms and ammunition – application of this science to solve problems connected with incidents in criminal investigation. Whereas ‘BALLISTICS’, a branch of ‘Applied physics’, means the science of motion of projectiles, the word ‘FORENSIC’ is synonyms to legal and is, therefore, more appropriate in this context. The phrase ‘Forensic Ballistics’ was first coined by Colonel Goddard of the United States Of
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