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Is banning books the best idea? Banning books limits children’s reading interest, including religiously. The banning of textbooks with religion in them shows this, the fact that literature helps young people feel as if they are not alone in the world helps with reading interest, as does the fact that literature can help provide a neutral way to start a conversation. Parents shouldn’t be allowed to take away children’s availability to read a certain book just because they don’t want their kid reading a book. Reading creates a virtual reality for kids, and just because you may not like something does not give you the right to take it away from everyone. There is more to a book than just a few curse words. Banning books takes away some important…show more content…
This quote is important because it shows that even the highest-minded people curse. This is important because yes, there are curse words in books, however, people can learn so much from a certain book, even with a curse word in it. High minded people can curse and have extremely informational books that can open up a person’s mind to the world and they can learn so much from that person, therefore, it is harsh to ban a book like that even though it has a curse word in it. Banning books takes away some important lessons children need to learn to be able to develop better and grow up smarter. “It is the unknown we fear when we look into death and darkness, nothing more” (Rowling 26). The quote tells a lesson that we as humans are afraid of things we do not know or understand. This is important because it explains how we work to process things we do not actually know and as to why we think of those things first. “Books are the best companion for everyone who wants to learn and become better – on the condition we have unrestricted access to them” (“12 infographics about banned books”). This quote explains how books can be a good source of learning and information. This is important because, it clearly states that books can help us gain wisdom and knowledge, even banned books; and we can read those books as long as we have access to them
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