Essay On Banning Books Should Not Be Banned

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Catch-22, The Catcher in the Rye, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. All of the books named are books that have been banned in America. Banned books are a problem not just in America, but all over the world. Some people do believe that books should be monitored and reviewed to make that they don’t give off unpopular opinions or hurt the public. However, just because a book is unpopular or gives unpopular opinions doesn’t mean that people should be denied from reading it. Books should not be banned from schools and libraries, everyone should be allowed to be informed on what’s happening in the world and learn about diversity, despite a book having unpopular views. Opponents claim that all books should be monitored and banned if they give off unpopular opinion or can possibly hurt the public. 1.) One…show more content…
1.) Books can be amongst some of the best teachers. Furthermore books teach us many things like new vocabulary and new ways of thinking, so we should embrace all books and not ban them. 2.) Additionally, most banned books go on to become classics. When you tell people they can’t do something it makes them want to do it more, so telling people that they can’t read a certain book makes them want to read it more and most importantly the banned books that are classic have an important message. In conclusion, books should not be banned, due to the fact that they teach us many things. Although some books have different and unpopular opinions, it doesn’t mean that they have less of a right to be read. All books should have an equal opportunity to be cherished and read. Books help us grow and learn and should be available to everyone. Without books we wouldn’t be able to learn some of the valuable lessons that we have learned. Always remember to give every book a fair chance, because you never know if that book will have an important lesson that will help you in
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