The Benefits Of Banning Smoking

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Even though there are many people claims that banning smoking in the public will bring many benefits to the society, however, this statement is only up to a certain extent. In fact, there are many arguments that disagree with the legalisation of banning smoking in the public area. Banning smoking would infringe a person’s choice and right and affect the business and economy of a country.

The government should not implement the smoking ban in the public it is because banning smoking is an act of infringing a person’s choice and right. The government should not regulate a person’s choice and right just because smoking is harmful. Many people have also voiced out their opinion that other habits, for instance consuming alcohol, smoking marijuana
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According to the BBC news, there has been a drastic decline in trade after the ban was introduced. It is because the smoking ban has reduced the potential tax revenue that can be received by country.Those smoking products are heavily taxed which brings in billion of annual revenue to the country. Therefore, it was undeniable that the tax revenue from the cigarette has contributed a lot to the economy of a country. However, once the smoking ban was implemented it cause the number of smokers to decrease severely. According to a report, it shows that the smoker in England has dropped from 30% in the year 2005 to 21% in the year 2008 and this indicate that the number of the smoker has decreased after the smoking ban (Bauld 2011). In addition, due to the judgment of another non-smoker and public disapproval many smokers has reduced cigarette consumption largely. Thus, this phenomenon has negatively influenced the tax revenue gained by the government as people are buying fewer cigarettes smoker because they cannot smoke like the way they use to smoke at the public. Moreover, the other concern of smoking ban is the sales and profits of the bar and restaurant have lowered (Bauld 2011). This happened due to the people does not socialise at the pub anymore. After the ban, many people have chosen to curtail their social outing and rather smoke at home because of the inconveniences of going outdoor to smoke. Those smokers have lost their sense of pleasures of socialising in the café and bar with their friends and peers. Not only that, it has caused many restaurants, pubs, and café lost their regular customer as most of the smoker will find somewhere else to drink where they can smoke. Therefore, the income of those pubs and café were greatly affected by the smoking
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