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Macbeth fears that he will lose his power and Banquo will take the

throne. Him and Banquo were close friends who fought in battle together.

Although Macbeth killed Duncan, Banquo was very suspicious of they way

Macbeth started acting.In act I, Scene III, line 72, the first witch says“ lesser than

Macbeth, and greater.” Banquo was with Macbeth when the witches were

talking. They both know that Banquo will not be king, but his future generation

will, so Macbeth is comfortable about his kingship .Now in a different act Macbeth

is now king and he’s scared that the witches Prophesy will come true. He later

hires “ killers ” to kill Banquo and his son, who could possibly inherit the throne.

Macbeth invites Banquo to dinner before
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Act III,scene II, Line 18, Macbeth says “We have Scotch’d the

snake not killed it.”Later at the table, sitting in Macbeth’s seat was the ghost of

Banquo. Macbeth goes crazy because the ghost was not talking and no one else

saw it, then Banquo disappears.Still in his fears Macbeth goes back to the

witches demanding answers.

The first apparition, in act IV,scene I, line 81, the witches all said “ Beware

Macduff, Beware ThaneOf Fife.” Macbeth could not take it anymore, he told them

to dismiss him. Macbeth did not want to fight Macduff because he was afraid of

him and Macbeth knew that only a man not born of woman could kill him, in that

was exactly what Macduff was.The last apparition shows the line of Kings and

they are Banquo’s family who’s going to be in line for king, then the witches

vanish. Macbeth later kills Macduff family because he see him as a threat and he

does not want any of the witches words to come true. Thinking that his kingship

is now safe, the impossible happened. One of the witches words was coming

true, the woods were moving closer to him. Freaking out he see’s Macduff face to

face. Backing down from the first attempt to fight Macbeth ends up getting killed


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