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1. Practice Your Bargaining Skills
In Thailand, there are open open-air markets in every city and town. Large and small, morning and night, whenever and where ever you want to shop, you’ll be able to put your Thailand bargaining skills to good use. Thai people are excellent at bargaining, so be ready to haggle, except where prices are clearly marked (such as in malls and name brand department stores). The largest weekend market in Thailand, Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, is one of the largest in the world, containing around 8,000 stalls of everything imaginable. Point to an item you’re interested in and ask the vendor, “How much?” In tourist areas, vendors will be ready with a calculator to type in the amount they’re asking. In outlying areas or smaller markets, simply use paper and pen or your fingers for bargaining the terms. You may want to start a counter offer around half of what they originally asked, but be willing to go back and forth several times before you settle on a price. Keep your exchange rate
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Many may refuse to use the meter and will instead offer you an overinflated price for your Thailand transport. Don’t fall for it. Either put your Thailand bargaining skills to use – most taxi drivers are open to negotiation on the price – or insist on using the meter. At the airport, use the main Thailand transport metered taxi queue, or use an alternate transportation option. Thailand has a great public transportation system with many alternatives to taxis. In Bangkok, take the BTS, which is well-signed and easy to use. There are frequent buses and shuttles running throughout Bangkok, and to other major cities such as Chiang Mai and Pattaya. If you’re not travelling with luggage and need to get somewhere fast and cheap, another alternative to taxis would be the motorbike taxis. You’ll find drivers waiting on nearly every street corner wearing vests with their

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