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Barn Owl Research
2. How has the population and geographic distribution (where they live) changed over time? What is the most recent estimate of population size? The Barn Owl is one of the most spread out birds in the world, they are found in every continent besides Antarctica. There is only a small population of them in Canada, located mostly in Southern Ontario and Coastal British Columbia, South of Vancouver. Most of the population in Canada was located along the north shore of lake Erie. Only because the European settlers had grown a lot of grassland, hayfield, and crops there a while back. Which made it a perfect home for the Barn Owls prey, mice and voles. Because of the massive population of their prey there was a massive population of them.
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It has become more of and urban community now with paved road, which chased away all the mice and voles. Which also lead to the declining population of the barn owl.

3. What are the human or natural reasons your species is declining? Human Reasons: Some human reasons why Barn Owls are declining are because of the change in agriculture. Barn owls live in rough grass land, marshlands, hayfields etc. But people are changing it roads, which is taking away their habitat. People are also killing their food. Barn Owls usually eat mice, voles, and rats. But when those rodents are crawling around in farms, farmer use poison to kill them, and that's what's taking away their food. Another reason is because Barn Owls normally live high up, so sometimes their near electric power lines and they begin to play around with them, which can leed to some getting choked or electrocuted, though it isn't common. Natural Reasons: One natural reason why the barn owl is declining, is because of predation by other animals. For example, racoons, hawks, eagles, great horned owls, Eurasian eagle owls, are all predators of the Barn

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