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Baroque, an era from 1600s- 1750s, is known as a period which had overly exaggerated emotions, drama, tension, grandeur in sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, dance, and music. It began in Italy and then spread to most of Europe. Baroque is a French word, which means a rough or imperfect pearl. Baroque era has not only changed architecture, painting, and sculpture, but it has also influenced theatre, and style of clothing for people around the world. Painting during the baroque period had exaggerated lighting, with intense emotions, and artistic viewpoint. Gian Lorenzo Bernini, a famous artist, and sculptor during the baroque era. Bernini’s Saint Theresa in Ecstasy reflects baroque era’s architecture, sculpture, and theatre. Sculpture during the baroque era had multiple ideal viewing angles. Baroque sculpture added extra elements such as lighting, or water fountains. Baroque architecture gave emphasis on colonnades, domes, light and shade, color…show more content…
The body was tightly corseted with a low neckline, and dropped shoulders. Corsets were made more flexible now. People preferred more of a natural shape of clothes. The overskirt was pinned back to show off petticoats which were highly decorated. Mantua, a fashion which arose in 1680s, was a square neckline; which covered up and was modest. Middle class women wore decorative aprons, and simpler jewelry was preferred. Women’s dress during hunting or riding was an ankle length skirt for shooting or walking comfortably. Women’s hairstyles also changed during the era. During the early 1600s, women had short curls, as time passed, curls became longer and longer, in which the curls fell from shoulders elegantly. By 1680s, women parted hair from center, with massive heights. By 1690s, hair was unparted, and were stacked high over the forehead, usually worn by a fontange, which was a frilly cap of lace, wired in vertical

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