Essay On Bass Fishing

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If you have done bass fishing, you will already know that it is not as easy as putting a line in the water and waiting for them to bite. One of the best things about bass fishing is that it takes skill and patience to succeed. It is thus significant to put a lot of things in your favor as possible, in order to have the best chance of catching a bass. Let 's take a look at some tips for successful bass fishing. My hope of this article is that it will surely help you in getting a better bass. Furthermore, you just have to follow the tips, techniques and you will surely catch more and a bigger bass than you ever think of. There are bass secrets everywhere but many anglers are still finding it difficult and disappointed spending day bass fishing …show more content…

Basically you need to dredge the bottom, and use something like a plastic worm to get the bass to respond.Time of day is also important, with dawn and dusks the best times to catch the biggest bass. Look for ambush spots where bass might be lurking in wait for baitfish. They like to pounce on their prey, and these bait fish are most active early morning or evening. This method works best when the water is warmer, above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, because a lot of baitfish aren 't active in cooler temperatures. Also, it is very important to know the general bass fishing mistakes that almost every angler makes and executes. After you know them and know the reason why they instill in your mind that these general practices end in error so you should not practice it. Another thing grateful is that you should pick the right fishing rod. You should learn the secrets and techniques on how to pick and where to find the most suitable bass fishing rods. The quality of the water you fish also makes the difference in your bass fishing tactics. In muddy water, for example, the bass uses their sonar to locate food. So choose lures that vibrate well and maybe make noise. In clear water, however, the basses are very cautious and suspicious of something unusual. So you need bright lines and lures that look a lot like local food sources. The Spinners can work, but you can find a black die blade will reduce the flash and will

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