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The Most Authentic Birds of Europe - 9 Pictures
We have always admired the birds. They have wings and can fly unlike us. Of course, this applies if you forget the modern inventions. However, their freedom and power to soar high in the clouds is an unfulfilled wish of many people. Blue sky calls them to enjoy the music of mild winds, and we are left to admire them and be a little envy on their abilities.
White Angel
One of the most beautiful birds in the world is Swan. Birds belonging to this species are worthy of admiration. Although national swan of Denmark has a name Mute Swan, this bird is certainly not without a voice. It only less announces in comparison to the other members of this species. Maybe that's why is favorite among the swans because you can watch him without interfering with the sound floats how he calmly and proudly displays the beauty, of which is obviously aware. The mute swan is a heavy bird. Although these are mostly peaceful birds, if their nests and threatened, mute swans change the mood and become very aggressive.
One More Beauty to Admire
Another example of the immense beauty of the snowy whiteness is the Whooper Swan. Spatial is not much far from its predecessor and is the national bird of Finland. This powerful bird is very
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This fantastic specimen of the species is truly worthy representative of the Estonia. Its bright cobalt blue color is so characteristic and specific, so the Barn Swallow cannot be changed with any other bird. Its forked tail is long and unique, and is therefore another sign of recognition. These birds are low fliers and enjoy making their nests under the roofs of houses or other buildings. Except that Barn Swallow has the very specific appearance, it is known by a large number of population. Their song recalls the happy warble tones. Males are courting females with their song, while caring food all the time while love game

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