Beauty Blunder Research Paper

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Beauty Blunders What if the beauty care routine you are going through every day for glowing and gorgeous looks is totally wrong! Do not panic because you are not alone. There are many like you who are not aware of making the common mistakes on a daily basis. But not anymore! With the inputs of senior beauty expertise of Siam Beauty Salon at Kupondole, The Week has highlighted some of the common mistakes, which, in times, may also lead to the serious skin problems. Check if you too are committing these mistakes or not. If yes, it’s time you rethink your current routine. Mistake #1: Imitating other Correction: This is the story of men and women from almost every household. They often spend a lot on the random products only because it is doing…show more content…
We often see people minimizing the amount of products in order to save and use the same bottle for a longer period of time. Likewise, there are also people who are so desperate to have a quick result that they tend to finish the big bar of creams just in a week. But both the habits are completely wrong. The use of amount less than suggested by the packet will not provide the sufficient care to your skin whereas excessive use will also not aid to transform yourself into the flawless Disney princess in a couple of days. So, use the products in an adequate amount, depending on your skin…show more content…
There may be no problem in sharing the same bottle of lotions that comes in a pump. But when it comes to the products as lip gloss, cream in jar shaped containers, sponges, brushes, razors and many others, it is better to keep them for your personal use only. Dipping various fingers in the jar time and again, swiping of same lip gloss by the multitude of people, using the unwashed wet sponges and makeup brushes and shaving with the same razors can assist in the transmission of the different types of harmful viruses, bugs, and bacteria. This may not be visible but will be a harmful daily activity in terms of both your health and

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