Beauty Cultural Trends

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In the last few years, various beauty cultures have become prevalent and will in the near future, as new countries dominate rankings like Korea, Japan or India according to the latest research led by Diagonal Reports. “New markets' share of global sales is increasing dramatically. These countries are becoming critical to the industry because of the many millions of beauty consumers which they are adding and strong economic growth they are achieving.” Beauty cultures are also changing; these new cultures are quite distinct from those of more mature markets in Europe and North America; and will therefore play a much more influential role.
There’s no denying that ethnicity has become a big factor and customized products are trending; especially
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This shift has enabled small independent beauty companies such as IMAN Cosmetics, MILK Makeup or Glossier to grow bigger thanks to their popularity on their blogs and social media. During the 2017 WWD Beauty Summit, Marc Rey, the President & CEO of Shiseido Americas, pointed out that traditional makeup was down 1.3% in 2016 whereas independent brands were up 42.7%. The growth of independent brands seems to be a reflection of a change in consumer tastes that everyone in the business has to respond to. Social medias are widely used by millennials who, according to Jo Malone, founder of beauty brand Jo Loves, “create a community and their own language and their own world and communicate and consume in a different way”. Younger generations are defining the culture with images of self-expression. Camillo Pane, the CEO of Coty said, “beauty is being beautiful the way you are.” And it has become the motto of the younger generation which seeks to be itself because consumers are born this way, meaning that they not only want to affirm their own makeup style but also embrace their background and…show more content…
The first chapter will be dedicated to the company, Weckerle Companies. I will begin with the internal environment of the company, in order to have a precise overview of the company, its employees, its structure, as well as its marketing tools. Then I will present the external environment of the company through an analysis of the competition as well as an overview of the city of Weilheim-in-Oberbayern and the region of

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