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As Confucius once stated, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it”. We can find beauty in everything, in the eyes of the person we love, in the ways that nature works its magic or in the magnificence of a landscape. Although, when it comes to people, we are always asking ourselves if it is more important to consider their inner or outer beauty; nowadays, that choice seems to be inevitable. However, beauty is a powerful and wonderful force; hence, it cannot be confined in just one of those two. What Confucius meant is that beauty is a subjective matter, what is alluring to an individual could be irrelevant to another. For the previous reasons, we can say that outer and inner beauty are both equally important.…show more content…
From time to time there are people who might not appear beautiful but who are perceived that way by some because of their self-confidence. If you see yourself in a certain way, eventually others will see you like that too, which will lead them to look at you and admire your outer beauty. This proves that outer beauty is not only found in mere things, such as having ethereal features or shiny hair, we can also see it in the gestures of a person, or their approach to others. Moreover, even though first impressions are not always correct, physical beauty and the way that a person presents themselves can help you understand what kind of human being is standing in front of you. It could be the decisive point for the start of a new…show more content…
We can understand that just by thinking about the ‘Waiter Rule’, it is said that the true nature of a person is shown when they are in contact with waiters. In fact, if they treat them in a bad manner, you should distance yourself from them because it means they do not possess a beautiful soul. In other words, it is advised to distance oneself from another if their inside is not as kind, as pure, and as whole as their

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