Pros And Cons Of Being A Bad Writer

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Have you ever wanted to receive a failing grade in your English class, but you are too good of a writer to do so? There is a simple answer to all your worries, that is: just become a bad writer! Unlike becoming a good writer, which is an uphill battle, you can become a become a bad writer quite easily if you just give up on trying. It is always easier to quit and slide down from being good because being good actually requires effort.
Now, to become a bad writer the first step is to completely disregard the subject that needs to be written on. As a bad writer, there is no single focus on a topic or idea, instead there is the total misdirection on the subject that needs to be portrayed. The easy way out of missing the main idea is writing about the complete opposite of that idea, some people naturally have this gift due to being confused on their certain topic but others have to really think about what could be the most misleading
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If you want to be a bad writer and you are keeping the reader in mind while writing, then you a severely failing at being a bad writer. When writing badly, the interest of the audience should always be ignored, you should only keep your interest in mind while writing for an audience. Think about it, you are the one writing, so you should be entitled in writing about the things you only are interested in or know about. That can easily be accomplished by having a mindset that the audience knows everything you know about, eliminating the hassle of having to explain or provide examples for your ever changing topics, and that the audience favors each and every one of the ideas being portrayed through your piece of writing, that will decrease the amount of skeptics and opposition from the audience. The best bad writers are those that have no following or audience, which just makes it even easier to completely disregard the audience, since there is
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