Essay On Becoming A Cardiologist

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My Dream of Becoming a Cardiologist Every step I take is leading me toward one thing-becoming a cardiologist. Growing up under certain conditions in my home has shaped who I am today. I grew up in poverty where my grandfather was the provider of the house. His love for his grandchildren made him sacrifice lots of things that could have made him a better income. I was only about ten years old when I decided that I wanted to become a cardiologist someday. I’m not playing a role to please anyone, but rather, just being myself. Several times, I sit down and think about my career and ask myself, “Do I really want to be a cardiologist? Will I be able to do this work every day for the rest of my life, and if I’m willing, is it because I’m forced to be or is it because it’s…show more content…
A few days after that walk, I realized that my grandfather might not have the energy to walk or even talk to me anymore. He was diagnosed with heart disease. Not much later, he passed away. Even though, his death made me so weak and subdued, life will not stop for me to catch up. I had to rise and be strong. After a year or so, I recalled the memory of us walking that day. I looked back at his words that left me speechless. It was time to fulfill my promises that I made. It was time to understand those words he said to me. My grandfather’s death made me realize how much of an impact someone you love can have on you. He changed me into someone who desire to help others. I decided that I wanted to be a cardiologist. The years that flew by after my grandpa’s death, has made my resolution of becoming a cardiologist stronger and stronger each day. What else could I want in this world other than curing the heart of a human being? A heart pumps for love, happiness, and joy in life. What else would I want to save? I feel like the purpose of my life is not only to help myself
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