Essay On Becoming A Certified Nurse Anesthetist

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As several of the individuals who decide to develop a career in the healthcare field, my desire of becoming a nurse comes from past experiences which have made me appreciate the field and its merits. Being raised in a single parent household gave me the responsibility and effectiveness of dealing with difficult situations. Qualifications that are expected to be acquired as nurse and I hope to attain much more as a student of the College of Nursing’s Program. For instance, one of my career goals is to obtain core abilities required for a Master’s of Science Degree in Nurse Anesthesia, the second is to dedicate myself to lifelong learning, and the third is to contribute back to the community. Becoming a Certified Nurse Anesthetist has always been of my interest in the wild range of specializations available for a nurse. The autonomy in the aim of helping through surgery to prevent unnecessary pain to the patients is incredibly fascinating; satisfaction that perhaps other specialization will not offer me. As the lives of the patients depend extremely in the hands of…show more content…
My vision is to travel to impoverished countries and give medical assistance to those who are less fortunate. Not sufficient with my knowledge and experience, I expect to provide comfort, support as well as encouraging those in difficult times. As previously stated, my desire to become a nurse came from past experiences, some which I strongly consider provided me with the qualities entailed to be successful nurse. By being a student at the University of Florida College of Nursing’s Program, I believe I will able to accomplish my career goals which include attaining the core skills required to obtain a Master’s of Science Degree in Nursing Anesthesia, committing myself to lifelong learning, and contributing with the
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