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Chef (Culinary Arts) “My contribution I hope is to get people to eat full-flavored food. If I could come away with that alone, that would be a fantastic accomplishment. I’m also very proud of being a very American chef,” said by Bobby Flay. Bobby Flay is saying in this quote that he is happy to give people a roar of flavors as they crunsh down on their foods. And if he is able to succeed in his duty, he has done his job perfectly. A culinary artist’s jobb is to come up and create a “Mona Lisa” on a plate that is edible and delicious all at the same time. Using a number of different kitchen gadgets and equipment is an all day thing. Chefs must be capable of obtaining, measuring, and weighing ingredients. They are also the ones who go and create the dishes on the menu. Prusing the career of being a chef is a glorious choice for whom may want to create new and unique dishes, it has a good pay with benefits, and the skills/ requirements aew limited. Becoming a chef in the culinary arts isn’t a bad job when the job has…show more content…
The most important part of being a chef is to be capable of creating new and unique dishes. With becoming a chef, the chef may pick a certain type of food group or they may not. But with creating and making a cuisin. He or she must make the food look and taste like it its out of this world. To be a culinary artist, a person have their heart and mind dedicated to cooking. A chef must be an artist in a way, they chef must think the food as paint and the dish as a canvas. The chef must take the “paint” and the “canvas”, and make that Mona Lisa for the customer. The masterpiece must look like the chef put effert and love into it, and has to look and taste like there isn’t anything wrong with it. The chef is sometimes able to create a menu, and sometimes the chef is able to add their own creation into the menu for a hungry customer to order and eat the

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