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Those who adopt for a dog, so combines concrete ideas for the future: the dog should be a nice, sociable companion in everyday life, get along with people and other dogs, he should not pull on the leash, he should be obedient, inconspicuously in the public act, etc.

To achieve this ideal, you need a large amount of patience, constant, kind consequence, time for daily training and employment, understanding of the needs of each breed and understanding of the current stage of development of the dog. Why is the puppy school necessary? Once the puppy has arrived in the family, even the work will begin on ideal "best friend". At least now may be a good dog school of development of the dog supportive stand aside. The most important stage in the dog's life is the socialization stage, it
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A good trainer has indicated early on the dangers of playing down of anxious behavior in puppyhood and given assistance. Nevertheless, it is unfortunately often the case that the problems get worse and coaching of human / dog teams is necessary. As it turns puberty in dogs? Puberty the dog is usually the biggest challenge to the owner! This phase of development occurs with the onset of sexual maturity (depending on the breed from 5th to 8th month of age) and can (again race permitting) take 6 or 10 months. You need at this time a very thick skin, a lot of patience, humor and a lot of ideas, as they still train and employ the dog who has everything learned apparently forgotten sense. During this period, many owners end the visit to the dog school, probably out of resignation or ignorance about this important stage of life. From when the dog is an adult? Now our dog is an adult (small breeds from 1.5-2 years, others from 3-4 years) and you have to remember that he is a highly intelligent creature - then you are continuing to physical and mental

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