Essay On Becoming A Federal Judge

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to judge someone’s fate? This is what a federal judge does almost every day. A federal judge is a person who decides cases in court. While some believe that judges’ have an easy job, it is very stressful. Even though it is a hard job it is a very important role in society and a highly respected occupation. Becoming a federal judge takes many talents and skills that are hard to attain. One great talent to have is courage and integrity to make the right decisions in and out of the courtroom. A federal judge should also be honest and responsible. You cannot become a judge if you are dishonest and disobeying the law. Another good set of skills to have are that of patience and mercy to help with cases. Lastly you need to be able to speak logically. These key sets of skills and talents are required to becoming a federal judge.…show more content…
The first step in education is attending a 4 year college, while attending you don’t need to take any specific classes. After completing college the next step is going to law school for 3 years to become a lawyer and to obtain juris doctor degrees. After becoming a lawyer you must pass a number of exams like the multistate bar exam and a couple of others. The next thing to do is apply for a judgeship and that requires a history of legal practice. Once you become a judge all the years of education will be worth it. The salary of a judge varies depending on what type of judge you are. The salary goes from $201,100 being the lowest pay to the highest being $258,100. The different types of judges make different pays. A circuit judge makes $213,300 a year. Whereas an associate justices judge makes $246,800 a year which is a difference. The pays differ but they all are a very large amount. Which is one of the good things about becoming a
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