Essay On Becoming A Foster Parent

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Becoming a Foster Parent

Living in America, one could surmise that no child should be homeless, but there's an overwhelming need for foster parents. There are thousands of children in this country without a permanent home.

Maybe you have thought of becoming a foster parent before, but didn't think that you were qualified. If you can pass a criminal background check, are in good health and have an extra room, you meet some of the basic requirements of becoming a foster parent.

The Role of a Foster Parent
What does being a foster parent mean? If you have not been a parent before, then likely becoming a foster parent will be challenging at first, so you may want to think about two things: the age and the sex of the child you'd like
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Talk to the child's caseworker to get relevant information about the child's past and resources for help. The social worker will be able to guide you in many areas relating to the care of a foster child who has special needs.

The Benefits of Being a Foster Parent
If you really want to become a foster parent or foster family, it could be a life changing event for everyone concerned and in a good way. Providing for a child who has little or no hope, is a feeling that you just can't describe sometimes. You change their lives the moment you decide to take on fostering a child and take them to an environment that is fun, safe and full of love.

Watching a child develop into a strong and happy one, can have lasting affects on how you view fostering a child. Giving a home to someone who has potential to achieve greatness is exciting and can give you an overwhelming feeling of personal satisfaction.

It's possible that the child will remain in your home for some time and that's a good thing. Stability goes a long way in the recovery of an untrusting, ill-treated child. The longer he or she stays in your home, the more you will become attached to each other and the bond you form, will never be
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