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Have you ever just thought about going to other countries and being able to say you served your country over there? Well I have and that is what I plan on doing right after High school. I am going to go to the Marine Corps and serving my country the way I feel I have to serve it.
Going into the Marine Corps is something I have been trying to do, since I figured out what the Marines were. The Marine Corps is an elite branch of the military that requires hard work and dedication. In order for me to become a Marine I have to work as hard as I can, for as long as I can. Becoming a marine is a challenge most people do not want to accept. Marines are held to a standard that not very many people can hold up to. However I am willing to except the challenge and dedicate my life to going into the marines.
In the Marines I want to go into infantry and become a machine gunner or become a rifle man. All it takes for me to become eligible to enter the draft for the Marine Corps is to receive a high school diploma. Other than the high school education I will have to enter infantry school to become a machine gunner. It does not take much to get accepted into the Marine Corps. All I have to do is get my priorities straight and work hard, and have a lot of dedication to become a United States Marine.
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A rifle man takes a lot of dedication to become. The reason I want to be a rifle man is because they are one of the best infantry groups in the United States military. Everyone I have ever told about me wanting to be a marine they all tell me I cannot do it, so that is another reason I want to go so bad. I want to prove everyone that has ever told me “I cannot do it” wrong. I want to make sure I get to come back and look them in the eyes and say “I told you I would come back a marine.” They are going to be
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