Becoming A Midwife

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Becoming a midwife means undertaking professional education at degree level. Some midwives are qualified nurses who have chosen to change career direction and undertake the extra study necessary to be registered as a midwife. To work as a nurse in the NHS, you must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), which means you'll need a degree in nursing.

3.3 University Degree

UK postgraduate postgraduate studies refers to the undergraduate-degree to post-academic or vocational studies. Academic post-graduate studies in Britain means a Master's or Doctor's degree exam of the leading studies. The most common doctoral degree is called Master's degree. It is the second phase of a university degree (second cycle degree) whose execution
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In working out the best approach to tackle health workforce issues, the Ministry of Health calculated that 60-80% of the country’s annual mortality rate is due to preventable communicable diseases such as malaria, pneumonia and TB. HIV and AIDS are also growing concerns. They therefore chose to begin by focussing on community level provision, initiating the Health Extension Programme in 2004.” (WHO, Cauntry Case Study, 2)

The Health Extension Programme was developed by the Federal Ministry of health in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. The Health Extension Programme aims to improve primary health services in rural areas through an innovative community-based approach that focuses on prevention, healthy living and basic curative care. It, therefore, introduced a new cadre of health worker, Health Extension Workers (HEWs), and defined a package of essential interventions for them to deliver from village health posts. (WHO, Cauntry Case Study,
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This makes health education a challenge. the right kind of teaching materials, and a sufficient number of teachers needed to train basic health education workers. I think it is a good job of Ethiopia by training local health clinics, health extension workers. These workers play an important role when making a basic health promotion. Employees are local and they know the culture and know how language. Such a problem does not exist in Finland and the United Kingdom, Finland, speaks 3 languages and England cope in the English language. In addition, the culture is fairly
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