Essay On Becoming A Nurse Practitioner

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When someone is rushed to a hospital who is the first one to see them? From what I read on an article from the ANA Nursing is the protection and organization of people, and the prevention of future injury and illness and the treatment in response to any given situation. To become a registered nurse you must go to school to get your bachelor 's degree, and to become a nurse practitioner you must go to school again to get your master 's after you’ve worked as an RN for at least two years. With this advancement to becoming a nurse practitioner you can earn up to $20,000 more than an experienced RN and have your own practice with medication and have the ability to write prescriptions and diagnose different problems. Nurses take care of different people everyday in every possible way but have great responsibility of all patients along with the hospital staffing crisis and the dangers of the workplace are all realities of the job…show more content…
One leading problem in nursing “The problems are systemic, primarily because the focus of the corporate giants that control most hospitals now is on profits, not on safe patient care.” . This problem is only becoming worse as hospital CEOs are investing in more machines rather than paying attention to the men and women that went to years of schooling to take care of these people, but this is not only a danger to the patients.With an inappropriate staffing condition it not only threatens the patients as many are left untreated for an unacceptable amount of time, but also threatens the nurses as well as nurses then are put in a higher stress situation than intended, and when people are running around trying to save lives no one can predict what could unfold. The selfishness of the CEO’s of hospitals to save money by investing in machines focus only on the profit they make does not just endanger patients, but nurses as
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