Essay On Becoming A Paramedic

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As a hispanic and daughter of immigrants my dream would be to get the opportunity to study in order to become a paramedic. I want to be giving the opportunity that my family was never given. I want to be the first one out of my family to actually get the chance to go to college and to actually have my dream job. Many people just want to go to college to mess around or to party. I want to go to college to actually become something, to have the ability to work in a job where I actually want to work at not just only in fast food places or even the fields. Becoming a paramedic caught my interest because I like the work that nurses and doctors do. I knew that I wanted to do something in the medical field but I didn’t want to be a doctor nor nurse. When I thought about it long and hard I thought about how I like to help people out I like to see that everyone is safe and sound. Even though paramedics don’t really safe lives they do a lot for many people and I want the chance to help people out. My interest for wanting to be in the medical field also caught my attention because my mom always pushed the idea of me becoming a doctor or a nurse so that made me research and want to learn more about how to be in the medical field.…show more content…
But I came around my sophomore year and started to get better grades. Junior year was way better and I actually had better grades. Senior year is the best year by far my grades have been good and so far I haven't had any D’s or F’s. I now know that in order to accomplish what I want to accomplish I have to get great grades and not slack off. My first dream job would have be to study criminal justice in order to become a detective but you have to be a citizen and I unfortunately am

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