James Buchanan Research Paper

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A president is the head of state, a bellwether, and representative of the people. The role and the accomplishments of those who’ve taken the role are frequently venerated in American Society. This is because those who have taken the role have the potency to shape/reshape American life in a multitude of ways. Due to the actions of some of the greatest presidents in the past, we have the expeditiously developing society we live in today. However there are some questions that come with the denomination of president, how does one qualify to obtain presidential power? What are the categorical roles of the president? What is a good example of a deplorable president? It is necessary to know such information so that we can fully comprehend the scope…show more content…
Born in a small Pennsylvanian town, Buchanan began his involvement with politics once his lover committed suicide. Years later he ran in the election of 1856 and that following year, at the age of 66, James Buchanan would be known as the 15th president. As all presidents do, he filled the roles of chief diplomat, chief executive, chief of state, commander in chief, etc. by settling internal disputes (the Oregon territory dispute), vetoing bills/supporting constitutions, restraining fiscal spending, ending the Utah war, and so forth. In addition, he made major legislative decisions that would later land him the marking of a traitor. Some of these legislative choices involved the modification of taxes, the purchase of Cuba (which failed), the Lecompton Constitution, and vetoing portions of the Republican legislation. Despite his major legislative actions and involvement in historical events like the Dred Scott Decision, Mountain Meadow Massacre, and The Harper’s Ferry Raid, he is not frequently mentioned in children’s classrooms. This is most likely due to his first and only term being a complete catastrophe, a result of his lack of
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