Essay On Becoming A Trench Soldier

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I was so happy when I was enlisted into the infantry unit to fight for nation against central power. I wanted to show everyone how much I love my country and I can do anything to protect it. When I reached the camp site, my battalion commander gave a speech before our battalion moved to the front lines in which he said that don’t fear death. I was quite surprised at his speech because instead of being an inspiration for us, he was very casual and expected us not to fear death. I thought he was joking but when I was being transported to the front lines I saw many of our comrades being carried out of the battle field in devastating conditions. When our battalion was moving through the trenches into our positions on the front line we saw the bodies…show more content…
The smell was so horrible that it can make a healthy and courageous person sick and force him to leave the battle field. The trenches were filled with rotten bodies of dead men and nobody had time to clean the trenches and give a proper burial to those soldiers who lost their lives in protecting the country for many days and the rats fed on those corpses and rat population increased drastically in the trenches. The stench from those rotten bodies and over floating latrines would make anybody sick. Many soldier contracted lice from these rat in the trenches. One night my dear friend was sent to parole on “No Man Land “with few other soldiers. On that night my friend came across a group of German soldiers who were on parole duty on “No Man Land”. One of our comrades fired a gun accidently. All the comrades and enemy soldier were cut down by machine guns firing from the both sides. Those comrades who went never returned to the trench. Once the wind was blowing hard and German soldiers used poison gas. As the gas spread in the air, I saw many soldiers who inhaled the poisonous gas suffocated to death in front of my
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