Essay On Becoming An Actor

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Becoming an Actress
“The most exciting acting tends to happen in roles you never thought you could play.” John Lithgow illustrated this quote to represent that many people choose to go into the acting field not knowing what will be in store for them. They may audition for roles they think they will never even be considered for. If they are chosen to represent the character in the director’s choice of media, whether it is a play, a movie, a television/movie series, and so forth, that person will be overcome with shock, joy, and excitement for what is to come while they experience the unknown, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Although a person gets to have the best times ever while acting, the task is not as easy as everyone likes to think. It requires hard work, time, dedication, and
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While there might not be strict education requirements to become an actor, many people choose to attend college. Many of the people who go into the acting field, choose to attend college to earn their bachelor degrees, to be even more prepared for their future career as an actor. How to Become a Professional Actor in 5 Steps implies that, “ …you may study improvisation, movement, voice control and singing…theater history, script interpretation, and dramatic literature.” It is best to take the offered courses at a performance arts college, because then not only will they experience acting in real life, they will gain more skills than they had before. When an actor chooses to become further educated in their field, they will become even more advanced, which will help them feel confident enough to audition for roles in movies. This will help them become discovered by an agent or producer looking for new faces in the acting field. A more formal training for an actor will lead them to be discovered, which will start their success in the acting

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