Essay On Becoming An American Citizen

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Q: Why did you decide to come to this country? A: I came to the US to accompany my husband that was, at the time, seeking to improve his career by obtaining a master's degree in an Ivy League school. Q: Did you also consider moving somewhere else? A: No, because most of the schools of choice for my husband were located in the United States. Q: How did you get to the USA? A: We arrived in the beautiful city of Chicago, IL on July 3rd, 2002 by airplane. Q: What are some of the obstacles you faced? Elaborate on your experience. A: The main obstacle was obviously the language since I didn't know how to speak English. I could read some of it but communication was very hard. Also, I felt really bad at times because I am very talkative in my native language, Portuguese, and felt frustrated not being able to express me. Another thing that bothered me was…show more content…
A: One of the happiest days of my life was April 25th, 2013 when I swore to the flag of the United States of America; the country who accepted me, embraced me, and who gave me and my family opportunities for a better life. That was the day I became an American citizen. Q: How is your country different from the US? A: My country is different from the US, because of its climate and culture. In Brazil, we don't have the perfect Four Seasons, as we have in the most part of the United States. Brazilian culture is very rich because our heritage is made out of different races so we have a variety of foods and music. Q: Was it difficult to assimilate into this country? A: Adapting to a new culture language and habits is never easy. I think throughout the time I was able to assimilate into the United States and embrace it as my home, and as my country, because I had an open mind. I realized that I could keep my Brazilian heritage alive while enjoying what The United States has to offer. Q: What kind of neighborhood did you live
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