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Home Care Assistance and Bed Wetting

The medical term for bed wetting is nocturnal enuresis. There are many reasons a person may suffer from bed wetting as they age and most of them are related to medical disorders. Some of the ailments associated with bed wetting include diabetes, urinary tract infections, prostate or bladder cancer, and neurological disorders. Since most of the names on this list are serious, it is important for home care providers to make note of bed wetting. An occasional accident is one thing, but if it becomes more frequent an appointment with a health care provider should be scheduled.

Prior to the doctor's appointment, it is important to start a bed wetting journal.
Make note of how many times the bed is wet, when
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Most times, once the underlying condition is cured, the bed wetting will stop. In instances where it is associated with a chronic condition such as dementia, the physicians can work with you and home care providers to ensure the best quality of care.

One of the most common ways to control bed wetting includes monitoring fluid intake. This entails watching what is consumed, the amount, and when. Decreasing sugary, alcoholic, and caffeinated beverages, especially close to bedtime is a key first step. One caution: seniors need to ensure they take in enough fluid, especially water, so they do not get dehydrated. It is important not to overly limit the amount of fluid but to adjust the type and timing.

Bladder training involves drinking as much as possible and holding it in for as long as it can be held. The final voiding should be done right before bedtime. This process increases bladder capacity and trains the muscles to control urination. This should not be done without the advice of a doctor, however, since some conditions (like enlarged prostates) are not well-suited for this type of

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