Essay On Being A Caucasian-American

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Health Factors of a Caucasian-American
Reflecting on the Caucasian-American culture required for me to first look into what my culture actually entails. In this paper I will discuss what elements of my culture are beneficial as well as detrimental to my health, the health disparities that my culture faces, what about my culture causes those disparities, and how society contributes to these disparities. Only upon this analysis of my culture and myself will I truly understand the health risks of being a Caucasian-American. The main benefit of being a Caucasian-American is that we have access to great medical care. Western medicine is identified by the many detailed safety protocols that healthcare providers must follow when it comes to treatment and administering medicine. These treatments and medicine must be certified through rigorous testing of both the effect of the practice as well the result; you see this greatly in drug trials in animals prior to human consumption. The worst element of being a Caucasian-American is probably our diet. The diet of most Caucasian-Americans, as well as many other types of Americans, includes a high quantity of processed foods, fats, sugars, red meat, desserts, high sodium products, and alcohol. Our diets are low in fiber, vitamins, and minerals; when we need to be eating more fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grain foods and
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I believe that people need to educate themselves about their health. Proper diet and Exercise can solve a lot of the major health problems in all cultures; seeing that most of the major health issues we face are do to our own poor life choices. Only when we educate ourselves and change our way of life will we be able to truly live a healthy
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