George L. Engel's Bio Psycho Social Model

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I always believe that to be a good and competent doctor, a person needs to realize that they are not only dealing with the disease or illness, but also the patients carrying the disease. Patients are humans, they have feelings and emotions. Therefore, knowledge of human biology is not the only thing a person must bring it with them in order to be a good doctor. The definition of health given by the World Health Organization is “ health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Bio psycho social model developed by George L. Engel shows that not only biological factors but also social and psychological factors are the main determinants of illness and disease; these three…show more content…
Doctors need to listen to patient when they are telling what they feel are wrong with their health and bodies because the patient knows their body best. Many doctors think that patients do not have any knowledge about medicine and just ignore the important information from the patient and this is a really wrong thing to do because this can cause false diagnosis and medical errors. Simple thing such as when a patient enter the room, doctor should greet the patient with a welcoming tone then introduce himself/herself also make sure that him/her is pronouncing the patient’s name correctly should be done to show a basic respect. A doctor should treat every patient individually and also give every patient an undivided attention while listening to his or her problems to make the patients feel that the doctor really cares. A good doctor should be able to make the patient feel relaxed by treating them with patient and pay attention on small details such as avoid sitting too close or too far away from the patient. A doctor should also be able to set agenda and set the agenda with the patient also respect the patient when they feel uncomfortable about the agenda because this can make the patient feel more relaxed as they know what is going to happen next and to make them feel they are also in control of everything. When facing a patient from…show more content…
If a doctor does not have the knowledge, no matter how kind he/she is, this will never make a good doctor, but knowledge is not the most important thing to be a good doctor. I think that attitude, compassion and all the skills are as important as knowledge as well. Knowledge can help a person to be a doctor but attitude determines a good doctor. Doctor is never a simple job, there are a lot of things for a medical student to learn in order to be a good doctor but not just the knowledge from the textbooks. Experience determines who we become, therefore I think a medical student should learn and explore new things, and also meet different kinds of people such as from different countries, culture and backgrounds. I think that everyone has a different definition of a “good doctor” but for me a good doctor is someone that treat his/her patient well and do his/her best to cure the patient not only physically but also

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