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Nursing to me is a commitment to not only my patients but the community in which they reside. It takes great skill and dedication to be a nurse. Nursing goes beyond simply caring for patients. It involves aspects that many people do not realize, for example, education. When a nurse graduates from a program they are expected to continue to learn new things and stay up to date on the current needs of the community. They are also expected to educate their patients and their family or caregiver on how to care for themselves and how to stay healthy. Nursing requires certain characteristics and beliefs to be competent and responsible.
I believe that I am capable of being an excellent nurse who patients trust and look to for advice on their health. I am an advocate for my patients, meaning that I need to know what the patients wants
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When caring for patients you must keep in mind their environment and mental health. If a patient is unhappy but in an environment that will promote healing, they will heal but slower and with more complications. If a patient is happy but not in a good environment, again they might heal but with many complications including infection. It is important to talk to the patient about how they feel and keep their environment clean. Patients will only heal well if we give them the opportunity to voice how they feel and tend to their needs and wants to make them comfortable. Another theorist I relate to is Imogene King and her theory about goal attainment. Patients have to be viewed as an open system that interacts with their environment wherever they are. Each patient is an individual with an individual life and must be treated as such. As a nurse, it is our duty to talk with the patient and their family to set goals and achieve said goals in a way that is possible for the patient. I intend on taking aspects from both theorists into my personal theory of what nursing should

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