Essay On Being A Profession In Arms

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Being a Profession in Arms means being trustworthy, ethical and an expert in military tasks and your technical job. The Army is a volunteer force, as Soldiers in the Army there is a expectation of excellence from the community. Due to the war, the professionalism in the Army has not been given much attention. There are leaders who are not experts in their crafts and have not attended the necessary training and they do not intend to. The Army is addressing this so that we can focus on generating top professionals in our line of work. There are hundreds of Military Occupational Specialties in the Army, not one is greater than the other. They all fit to a particular piece of the puzzle. The one common factor is being Professional in Arms; this needs to be the goal to keep the structure and esteem of the military. Human Resource Professionals are no exceptions, due to the high visibility from the locations we work in, it is imperative that we too train and become Professionals in Arms. This paper introduces the profession of arms and how it relates to…show more content…
Being a profession of arms is an expert, ethical leader. This leader has mastered his/her soldiering skills and technical skills while embodying the Army Values and warrior ethos. A profession of Arms is recognizable by other Army peers and the community. It gives Soldiers a sense of pride in this volunteer only Army, who master the military profession. Soldiers who are profession of Arms serve as prime examples for citizens who want to be Soldiers to follow. These Soldiers set the standard and at many points exceed those standards. Human Resource Professionals in the Army are held to the same standard. However there seems to be a lack of Profession in Arms leaders in our Army today. Regardless of the specialty it is important to get the basics, be professional and set the example for junior
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