Becoming A Social Worker

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Becoming a social worker means that you know you will be entering a profession where the salary is not that high and the recognition for your work by others is not that great. It is a profession that can be extremely difficult, but also incredibly rewarding. When life’s challenges become to much for a person and they are going through a difficult period in life a social worker can help and wants to help resolve their problems, and make their life better. People choose to become a social worker because we have this ambition, goal, hope and fight within us all to help others who are at a disadvantage in life. We have this passion to help others and make a positive impact in the world. I believe a good social worker needs a few important skills,…show more content…
Another important part of being a social worker is being able to set boundaries and limited in your work, as this can be an all consuming job and that you can not bring home with you every night. Also a good social work needs to be motivated and have a passion to help others and create better circumstances for…show more content…
I want to be the ears that will listen and to be the voice that can speak words to help someone out. My goal in life is to became a social worker. Every since I was little all I ever wanted to do was help people. I know I will never be able to create world peace, but all I am asking for is the chance to be able to create a difference in some peoples lives, to be able to touch and help people in my life time. I have never been one that needs richest or frame, all I need is that humbling experience to be able to be their for other people. My plan ever since grade 10 and still to this day is to complete my fours of my Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Windsor, then to follow up get my masters for Social Work. Finally after all my schooling is finished I plan on going to a third world country for a few months to do some volunteering. In Canada we really are shelter, we hear stories about what is going on else where in the world, but to hear and experience are two very different

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