Essay On Being A Student Athlete

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INTRODUCTION Most of the people consider that being a student is the most enjoyable and stress free part of our life. This is the stage where we are exploring different things in our environment. Being influenced by someone in good or in bad things. This is the stage wherein we have a lot of ambition or goals, that push our limits in order to achieve it in the future. This is the period wherein we are making our own decision. Choosing the right path that suites our skills and capabilities. It is a time where we widen our horizon in learning different things that we can apply when we enter adulthood. Also, despite of the different challenges we faces along the way, we can be able to conquer it by having a discipline in ourselves and by having a proper mindset in embracing the different challenges or difficulties we are facing. There are different kinds of student who are members of academic activities such as quiz bee, speech choir, declamation, and etc. School are not just a place for academic…show more content…
As we all know sports started to be popular since Ancient Greece until now, that is the reason why a lot of students are being influenced to join. They are being able to know what are the different challenges of being a student athlete, how do they become successful in that particular circumstances that they been through. This research is about the life of a Student-Athlete but it focuses on the challenges. This study will able to find out the different advantages and disadvantage of being one of them. Their struggles on how do they manage their time. And their success for every challenges that they encounter. Unlike the other research, this study will not just discuss the different challenges, the researchers will also give inputs for them to be inspired to join being an Athlete. We will be able to know who encourage and influenced them to join. What is their study habits and their insights based on their
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