Personal Narrative: A Career As A Writer

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A writer is someone who creates literature using the influence as well as the power of words. I myself have read many remarkable and spectacular books and each have a defining character, moment, or plot. Every work is unique. None of this would be possible without the writers. Writing has always influenced my life and as a young child. I would often read books that included characters that I could relate to and connect with. Writers and their creations aren’t something that come naturally. It requires a lot of training, time, and qualities in order to succeed and really understand what it is to be a writer. When considering a career in writing, one must determine if the job is fitting for them by examining the working conditions, their personality…show more content…
For example, a person that writes comic books earns $300 per page. Unlike a screenwriter who earns around $60,000 on their lowest film and can earn above that on their highest paying film. How much they make depends on a variety of things. Some variables that affect the writer's salary are the location, education, and experience. A writer can make more money by having more experience. An entry level writer with less than 5 years of experience could make approximately $41,000. A writer with 5 to 10 years of experience can earn around $50,000.Location can also affect a writer’s salary. In certain areas such as San Francisco you can earn $60,000. In Washington you can earn $59,900 and in Chicago you can earn $56,844.The higher your education is the more likely you are to get a better job and a better…show more content…
Characteristics are their moral and mental qualities as well as their set of beliefs. There are certain characteristics a writer must have that will better prepare them for the occupation. Some of them are the ability to take criticism and rejection, the ability to work alone and unsupervised, great research skills, as well as a love for reading. A writer must have some of these characteristics to help them be a successful writer. The ability to take criticism and rejection is important because a writer may constantly be rejected multiple times by publishers. Although they may feel like giving up, they will not because of their ability to handle criticism and rejection. Also, publishers and people who may read the writers’ books might think that they are bad and may not agree with the writers’ work. Some publishers and readers may confront writers about them. If a writer reacts badly to this it may escalate to a dangerous and violent level that would stain the writer’s reputation. A writer must also make sure what they writing is strong and well informed by researching and finding information. Since most writers have to do a great deal of research, they should have a love for reading so that they will not get bored and unmotivated while finding research. Writing can be tremendously difficult so having these characteristics can help make
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