Essay On Being An Optimistic Leader

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Not everyone can be a leader or learn leadership, as there are people who are born to be leaders. The vast majority of people were not born to be leaders but they can learn about leadership, and there are people who were not born to be leaders and they cannot learn about leadership. Being one of this term paper readers, you are assumed to be one of the first two types of people mentioned earlier. To be a great leader that people will follow without hesitation, you need to be a decision maker, an excellent communicator and an optimistic person. Firstly, to be a decision maker is a must quality of any successful leader, as leaders lead themselves and lead others toward achieving their goals and objectives. In fact, the leader knows very well that taking a wise decision could change a whole situation. However, the more time leaders spend to make a decision, the more accurate and well-reasoned the decision will be. So, leaders must take their time to take that decision. Put another way, leaders need to have intuition to choose the best action they have to take. Leaders should not hesitate about their actions and…show more content…
As mentioned above, leaders take high risk decisions, that’s why they are more likely to face failures throughout their successful story. Therefore, by being an optimistic person it will be easy for leaders to overcome their failures. Moreover, an optimistic person seems to be more productive, creative, and innovative and create a great working environment. Dye and Garman (2015) say that luck is an extra factor for successful leaders but it is not in our hand to control. The more leaders are optimistic and hard-working, the luckier they become. However, let’s not to believe in creating luck and let’s believe in creating a good destiny instead. That is, people can create their own destiny when they do their best and work more with
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