Being Stereotyped Analysis

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How are your everyday life experiences away from home when you are exposed to a culturally fragmented society? Do you experience ‘cultural shock’?

I once read an article about an Irish woman who went away to Australia looking for better job opportunities. What she had to say about being away from home has opened me up and made me more confident and resonate with my own experiences. My stay in the capital has been introspective, enlightening and fun.
It would be unfair of me to talk about my experiences in Delhi without mentioning my two years of schooling in Delhi. It made an impression on me, that despite the differences and unconscious misunderstandings, everyone shares an ultimate and common goal; to be a better person. I feel very much at home here; it could be that half of my family members are here. But I will always be at home in my own country no matter which corner I go to.
The friends I made in school were the first friends I made here,
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‘Idea of difference’ and the concept of being ‘stereotyped’ are two drastically different notions. The nature of the former is either positive or at least more positive than the latter, which is absurdly negative. Idea of difference comes with accepting of and appreciation for disparities or uniqueness. It is about mutual respect. On the other hand, stereotyping has a negative slur with a tone of disrespect born out of ignorance, insecurity and/or rigidness in the mentality to accept diversity.
In my observation, within a group of friends and in a closer circle, differences are appreciated and if I may add, admired. Also, people with higher income and education level tend to be more accommodating than the lower ones, which, of course, is highly subjective. However, in an extended crowd, uniqueness or creativity becomes an oddity or is less appreciated. It becomes all the more hard for a woman or north
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