Society's Argumentative Essay: Race Is Mentally Ill

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“White isn't a race, its a state of mind”, stated by Rachael Dolezal. It could be a common question people ask you in a social or private conversation. All human beings are born a certain race depending on what their birth parents ethnicity or race is. In the US, people are saying they are a different race than they actually are which ends up blowing up in their face, especially politically and socially. Because a lady named Rachael Dolezal is falsely claiming she is black when proven white, society believes she is “mentally ill” and taking it too far as a chosen performance. The question is, should this be acceptable? Rachel Anne Dolezal now known as Nkechi Amare Diallo was an American former civil rights activist and former Africana studies instructor. She was president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) until her parents spoke out about her being born white. She mentioned in one of her interviews that she was born white but identified as black. Being identified as black is different than being born black even though she believes its the same thing. She wears a curly dark haired wig and looks like she had darkened…show more content…
Is she going to be the start of people changing their race or will this be stopped? This is something society cannot control whether we want to or not. Race is what separates cultures and power between different backgrounds of humans. It is what controls how we interact and live our lives which it has been since the beginning of life. If you agree with Rachael, you are agreeing to lie about who raised you which is disrespect and not acceptable. Learning to accept your race may be hard for some but that does not mean you cant associate with other races and live in their culture. Looking into the future, there is a possibility race will not exist anymore and it all determines on if people are going to do what Rachael Dolezal
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