Essay On Being Cool

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Rationale Coolness and popularity haunts every teenagers mind, and triggers them to act in a certain manner, wear certain things or even, adopt a certain personality that may not be their own. I fall under the middle strata of the social hierarchy existent in my school. Neither am I the “coolest” and most popular, nor am I the least popular. However, I see both the extremes every day when I go to school, and it intrigues me to think of questions like what made the ‘cool’ guys popular, what made the ‘uncool’ guys “uncool”. What are the factors that affect them being cool? Moreover, everyone is bound to have different perspectives of the definition of cool. I want to know what those are, and are they common? Furthermore, what shapes an individual’s definition of cool? I aim to answer all…show more content…
On a scale of 1-10, how important it is for you to be cool? These questions convey a balance in the minds of the respondents. In the first question, most people think that they are 70% cool. This highlights a content in self along with a dismissal of the desperation of being cool. This dismissal is aided in results of the next question, where most people think it is moderately important to be cool, however, for some people, it really matters. Another question asked was: Give three adjectives that come to your mind when you hear cool. Surprisingly, the most occurring words were respectful, macho and humorous. This is really surprising because all three words are really different from each other and paint a very different image in one’s mind. This proves that the definition of love is anything but uniform. The last question in the survey, which asked respondents to rank tips of coolness, the tips that got prioritized the most were to develop skills like playing sports, and to be charming and confident. So, a passionate and confident person is considered to be the coolest. International case study: The Bully-Coolness
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