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Introduction Paragraph Hook- Amazing fact, question or quote about the topic: Of today's 20 year olds, 1 in 4 of them will come to be disabled before they retire. Sentence Explaining Hook: This shows that you have a higher chance of accidents leading you to become disabled. Thesis: Claim sentence for the entire essay. Opinion/ body 1, /body 2, /body 3. The disabled have been viewed as by society in many different and unfair ways in the past, having impairments that were not seen with the eye and lastly, facing many obstacles. Body Paragraph 1-Treatment of the disabled throughout history Claim: Throughout history the treatment of the disabled has come far to be where it is today. Reason: In the 1800’s, the disabled were…show more content…
Reason: Moreover, the disabled is thought of as poor or being disabled is an excuse of not behaving in society. Evidence: This is shown on, where it says, “Within society, these attitudes may come from people’s ideas related to disability—People may see disability as a personal tragedy, as something that needs to be cured or prevented, as a punishment for wrongdoing, or as an indication of the lack of ability to behave as expected in society.” Interpretation: This is significant because it shows how some people's attitudes change when they are introduced to the disabled. Reason: Therefore, along with mental barriers come physical barriers such as structural obstacles. Evidence: Evidence of this can be found on, where it shows, “ Steps and curbs that block a person with mobility impairment from entering a building or using a sidewalk; mammography equipment that requires a woman with mobility impairment to stand; and absence of a weight scale that accommodates wheelchairs or others who have difficulty stepping

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