Essay On Being Fat

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Eating affects our healthy in several ways, the major thing it can do is provoke us to gain weight by eating certain types of food. It can cause to be overweight or obese as people might say to avoid saying the word fat. But sometimes food isn’t the only problem that can make us fat it can be in our genes or maybe just having a low-metabolism. Being fat is something hard to get out of and be, being fat can cause it to be hard to eat because of the judgement people have. They believe that eating should be the last thing to do because of the extra pounds you carry, for being different than them. People shame those who are fat; fat shaming the action or practice of humiliating someone judged to be fat or overweight by making mocking or critical…show more content…
Stereotype is a form of statements that are untrue or falsely true, in which many of the people in society have made up towards fat people. As written in this article “negative stereotypes including being lazy, sloppy, less competent, lacking in self-discipline, disagreeable, less conscientious, and poor role models” (Obesity 1). These are just some of the examples many people label fat people in their jobs or in their everyday life. They are put into this categories because of their weight and how they look which is unfair, making it difficult for them to live a normal life. Not only do adults who are obese receive these types of stereotypes, children also receive these kinds of labels. As this article states “negative characteristics to overweight peers including being mean, stupid, ugly, unhappy, lazy, and having few friends” (1). As written in this article these characteristics are some of the stereotypes many children are labeled as because of their weight. Which can cause a lot of many health issues, mentally and physically as they grow up. Not allowing them to be themselves and its own person because of theses
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