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5 Tips to be Happier at Workplace Unhappiness at work-place can be a bane as it dents productivity, and also results into other problems such as high level of stress and a toxic work-environment. So to avert such problems it is important to have a happier work-place environment, and be happy yourself. Also having a healthy environment and happy co-workers makes working more pleasant. So following the given steps can certainly help you to be happier at the workplace, and can nurture positivity at the workplace. Maintain good relationships: Daniel Goleman in his book “ Emotional Intelligence” has described multiple studies that he conducted on working professionals throughout their lives. And the one thing that he found common amongst the people who were happy, was each of them had maintained good relationships with the people around them and had more friends compared to people who said they were not entirely happy with their lives; in the study that was carried out. So it can be easily inferred that in order to be happy, one needs to have strong and healthy relationships with the people around them.…show more content…
If you are stressed about your personal life at home, being happy at the workplace is not possible. So it is not just the place of your work where you should be practicing happiness but practicing it at home is critical. The best way in achieving it is to practice a positive self-talk after getting up in the morning. Practice maintaining a journal where you can write all your good and bad experiences throughout the day, and learn from the mistakes that you make so that You avoid making them in the future. Furthermore in order to keep your mind healthy and happy, make sure you exercise daily, practice meditation, and take some time out fro pursuing your

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