Essay On Being Normal

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Today, our society is filled with various cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles. Despite differences, everyone wants to be accepted by others in their community, but what has to be done in order to be accepted is not clearly defined. Being accepted could mean wearing the right clothes, being involved in the right clubs or groups, or simply being a kind or generous individual. People should just be normal. As stated in the book Remix, “the label ‘normal’ is loaded with a range of cultural assumptions” (Latterell 9). Everyone has a different view of what is normal. No one can clearly define what normal is, but people still expect others to act normal by their own standards. Today, people are pressured by society to conform to expensive trends when…show more content…
Some deem others who do not wear the most fashionable clothes unpopular. In fact, according to the website Daily Mail, “children are so heavily influenced by brands that they bully or shun classmates who do not keep up with fashions and logos” (Clark). For example, in Heather Havrilesky’s essay “Bobos”, she discusses conflicts in school with fellow classmates treating her differently and ridiculing her because the shoes she normally bought were not the name brand shoes everyone else bought (Havrilesky 34). This is merely one example illustrating people being viewed differently and judged because of a misunderstanding of what normal is. In hopes to solve such problems, some schools even implemented school uniforms. By enforcing school uniforms, schools hope that uniforms will decrease the pressure felt by students to wear the most popular trends and lessen the harsh judgement of other students. As stated by the website, “when all students are dressed alike, competition between students over clothing choices and the teasing of those who are dressed in less expensive or less fashionable outfits can be eliminated” (“Should”). By having students dress in uniforms, schools create a new normal that is more equal for all students. Unfortunately, not everywhere as made this change. People are still greatly pressured to fit in by others who believe keeping up with trends is a normal, important aspect of
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