Essay On Being Perfect

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In the summer of 2015, Sara Prideaux took her life because she buckled under the pressure of trying to be perfect. She was an excellent high school student who had a bright future ahead of her, but she lost herself on the journey to be the perfect student. Unfortunately, this is the situation for many high school students who are pressured to fall under society's definition of perfect. Striving to be perfect comes with its share of negative thoughts; what if I’m not good enough? What will people say about me? What if I mess up? I say society’s definition of perfection is unattainable since we are all human and we will always be flawed, therefore, people should invest their time in self-improvement because you will be a much happier, healthier,…show more content…
To be perfect and be the girl that everybody wants to be all you have to do is make a few minor adjustment to yourself. Never worn makeup before? Well too bad because you need it if you want to enhance your beauty. Body hair isn’t really a good look so getting rid of most of it would be a good idea too. You have to be confident. Even if you don’t feel that great some days fake it until you make it. People like hanging around others who ooze confidence. Another way to be make sure that you are on the road to perfection is to be nice and respectful to everybody. Don’t make anyone feel inferior because no one is perfect. Does any of this sound like something you want to do everyday? Didn’t think so. Trying to be someone that you aren’t isn’t going to make anyone perfect. Sarah Prideaux tried to be someone that she wasn’t. No one would have suspected that she was under a lot of pressure because she feigned happiness when her heart wasn’t in it. Don’t try to be perfect because it can end in a tragedy. Changing someone’s appearance isn’t going to make them perfect, they are much better off trying to improve their outlook on like and improving qualities about themselves that are already
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