The Belgian Sheepdog

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Instantly recognizable with its strong body, sleek coat, sharp ears and pointed muzzle, the Belgian Sheepdog is well-known for its remarkable intelligence and adaptability. Over the years, these dogs have been involved in an incredible number of jobs and activities. They are equally at home in both rural and urban environments, being used for both farm work and police work, as well as helping out with the armed forces and even working as assistance dogs. Despite being so eager to work, these dogs also make excellent family pets. They are very active individuals who love to spend time outdoors and get their muscles working on a regular basis.
The Belgian Sheepdog is also wonderfully friendly and loyal. This dog cares a great deal about its
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It has always been involved in farm work and can be trusted to herd sheep or cattle, guard animals, watch over the farm at night, and even complete other little tasks around the land. Over the years, people began to realize just how intelligent this breed was. It then became used by police forces in various countries, including the United States and France. It was also used by border control services in Belgium to detect any illegal substances. Unfortunately, the First and Second World War arrived and took their toll on the breed. These dogs were used in the wars to carry supplies, deliver messages and track down wounded men. Their populations diminished, but the wars did allow these dogs to become quite widely exported around the globe and gain a lot of popularity in the years after the…show more content…
These dogs are very bright and highly trainable. They can learn a huge amount of tricks and commands in a very short amount of time, making them well-suited for a vast array of owners. This breed’s intelligence has helped to make it so popular over the years, but it also has many other positive characteristics to talk about. The Belgian Sheepdog is very loyal and protective of the people it cares about. It can forge unbreakable bonds with its owners and loves nothing more than pleasing its friends. As a herding dog, it may fall into the habit of nudging people around from time to time, but this can easily be trained out of the dog and this breed never shows any real

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