Essay On Believing In America

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The America I Believe In

I think almost every day that everyone should have a right to learn and share our ideas; in other countries they don’t let you have your opinions, they would say, “Your opinions don’t matter.” Every year on Veteran’s Day we honor our veterans; I don’t know about other countries that honor their veterans or their soldiers, but I know we do. Every morning it makes my day to walk into my classroom in the morning and say, “I pledge allegiance, to the flag of the United States of America.” My belief in America is we should honor our veterans, have freedom of speech/ideas, and saying the pledge allegiance.

Veterans Day is on November 11th, which is only one day. I think that we should celebrate and honor our veterans everyday. Our veterans and soldiers did so much for us, and they died for us. I think we should honor our veterans everyday because they are important because if we didn’t have any veterans or soldiers, we wouldn’t be doing what we are doing now. For an example if soldiers or veterans never fought for America, we probably won’t be
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Freedom of speech is a right to express an opinion. For instance, when people are voting for who is going to be president. Did you know in North Korea they are under a dictatorship, so if you have something to say they probably will shot you or put you in jail. Another example is back in the Renaissance in Italy, if you question the pope or the church you will get exiled. Now in America people over 18 have a right to vote, people can say what they want, or have their own opinions. Like what I’m talking about right now is freedom of speech; my opinions about America what I think is most important. Freedom of speech is important to me because if some people never shared their ideas some stuff now wouldn’t be fare. For instance ladies voting, african american rights, etc. So freedom of speech is the America I believe
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